Art Immersions

 Here’s an invitation to

DIVE deeper into your own
with more FUN & PASSION
than you have ever had!

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Hello! My name is Anne

Am a painter, writer, photographer, and avid nature-lover who's passionate about inspiring you to explore the infinite depths of your creative-self. I created ART IMMERSIONS to empower you to stretch beyond what you already know. So you continue to expand creatively in fun ways that are UNIQUE to YOU  and are meant to "blow your logical mind" .

In a few words: I just LOVE helping others DO what THEY are naturally REALLY GOOD at!! It’s my biggest passion.

Anne Ducrot


7 things
to remember
you are
on the creative path...



You've got to
DO creative
to BE creative.

There's a time for BEING, and a time for DOING. Creating definitely involves both. So this may go against much spiritual advice you've ever gotten, but without doing, there's no "creative", "creating" and "creation". You can't sit on your behind doing nothing for too long, hoping the muse will show up and your masterpiece will magically manifest. At some point you've got to face your fears and jump: you JUST GOTTA DO IT!



Do you
LOVE doing
what you're doing
right NOW?

“If you do what you truly love you will unleash your creative dynamism, and the more creative you are the more energy becomes available to you.”
— Richard Rudd - The Gene Keys

Not yesterday, not tomorrow: now. What makes you feel alive in this moment? How much joy and pleasure are you feeling when you're doing what you're doing? Does it come easily and naturally

It's not that it will always be easy and fun to "follow your bliss." There may be work, effort and challenges involved at times.

But the dominant experience has got to be flow and effortlessness. In art more than anywhere else, there's no valid reason to postpone the enjoyment other than an attachment to a mental idea of what we "should" be doing. And that is, more often than not, bad medicine for the artist.



Creating should be fun and easy,
but ain't always so...

As a self-taught artist, I had to slowly find my way into my own "truly authentic expression". It brought up uncertainty and insecurities. My crazy explorations led to some "success" and a bunch of so called "failures."  It was hard at times, and I wanted to give up so many times, it's not even funny! But my heart never let me, and that's why I'm here today.

I know the dread of feeling stuck and disconnected from the creative flow. That's why I am dedicated to helping you on your creative journey the way I would have liked to be helped: via inspiration, playfulness, and self-empowerment.


Inspiration & Flow

In order to create, you need inspiration. Inspiration is the breath of "God"; The in-breath which brings in the new. Once you are full with inspiration, the process of manifesting becomes as natural as breathing out. And this is what it feels like to be in the flow... 

At a very basic level, creativity deeply connects you to life as it simply mimics the rhythm of your breathing. Through its numerous phases the creative process also connects you to the cycles of the earth and the cosmos.


You don't have to do it alone.

With Art Immersions, I will support you on the next level of your artistic exploration. Allow me to be your "art-buddy" for a while. You'll find it's a lot more FUN and fulfilling to go deep with someone who can genuinely relate to your process. Someone who knows the challenges and the rewards, the traps, the tips and the MAGIC of being an artist.



Creating is living. Living is creating. And you simply can't help it. But actually, you can. You can help yourself find inspiration - daily, moment by moment - and it is this process that I would like to share with you.

Each atelier (workshop, class, coaching session and activities) will not only bring you to new levels of inspiration, but will teach you how you can access this inspiration in other situations in your life - for example, when you are on your own and you feel "stuck" again.


If you don't wanna be alone while doing your own thing then...


Come and join us in a Retreat where you can have it all • 

Create • 




Exploration & Play

All ateliers are first and foremost about exploration and play, and are designed as much for the beginner as they are for the advanced – even professional - artist. So no prior experience and skills in painting or “art” are necessary: All ages and all backgrounds are welcome. Variety makes life most exciting and enriching, and art is a freeing and wonderful context in which to share and get first hand experience of this diversity.

This is so important but it can be intimidating. That's why I also offer private classes upon request: Email me under "contact" at the bottom of this page so we can see what you would like to learn and what your true needs are.



Don't give up!

Sometimes you may find yourself in a place where your environment - internal or external - isn't giving you enough of the inspiration and support you feel that you need for your creativity and self-expression to flourish. If this lasts too long, you may end up feeling very stuck and frustrated. When you can't find a way to express yourself creatively on a daily basis, the normal feelings of occasional melancholy can easily turn into deep depression from a sense of utter powerlessness and futility. 

You know that you want to expand creatively and express more, but for whatever reason, at this time, you don't know how. You don't seem to be able to find a way on your own, and perhaps this is compounded with the feeling that you lack the kind of support you would like from others. 

You are not alone! It seems that no matter what our level of expertise, there comes a time in our creative life when what used to work to ignite your creative fire isn't working anymore. The muse is gone. Often, these are also times when we feel a lack of direction and purpose. We simply can't seem to find something to respond to - anything that would spark us into creative action... This is the ultimate call: the sign that something deeper wants to change

If this sounds like you at the moment, don't give up. I've been there and I can help you.



Clarity is power.

It's the same with Art as with any other area in your life: Clarity gives you power. Even if you're "only" clear about the fact that you aren't clear right now.

This applies to any level of your process: Where you're at, what you want, what you don't want, what you like, what you dislike, what you dream, what you fear, what blocks you, what rocks your world...


You've heard it before: being creative and following your passion are a profound process of self-discovery. They will naturally guide you to learning more about yourself in ways that will enrich the rest of your life.

Chances are that you'll get lost at times, as it's part and parcel of the creative process. But even more so if you don't have any kind of map to orient yourself.

Having someone you trust witness your process and shine the light on things you may have missed will save you time and unnecessary pain. It'll still take time, and you may still stumble, but it'll feel more meaningful because you'll know where you're going and why - and that it's happening for the "right reasons."

And THAT is HUGE, because Meaning is the twin sister of Passion. They make the single most important difference in whether you'll stick to something for the long run - or not. And when it comes down to it: they give you a reason to live!


The rewards

On a practical level, each class, workshop, or coaching session will: 

  1. Help you develop confidence in your own personal brand of art.
  2. Allow you to experiment with new ideas and techniques.
  3. Give you new tools to stay inspired as well as to identify and remove your blocks, be they conscious or subconscious, short-term, or long-term. 
  4. Allow you to recognize and immerse yourself in the innate beauty of your own art.
  5. Allow you to play and enjoy the creative process with more ease and lightness of being. Once you are able to enter this natural flow, it can feel as if you are channeling your art from a place that is much bigger than your mere body. You can feel the Earth and Cosmic energies merge within yourself. You feel deeply connected to All That Is, including yourself!

The ultimate reward is your expansion into more joy and sensuality of being by discovering more freedom of self-expression, and to start bringing these practices and realizations into your daily life.



Be wary about methods...

Use methods in moderation. In the long-run, methods that rely on rules tend to kill the inner-child. And they can slowly, invisibly, cut you off from your natural instincts and intuition. It's so tempting to fall for the supposed "recipes that work." Even the ones of our own making. 

Yes, methods are useful when they help. They may work for a short - or a long - while. They may be particularly useful to help you get back on your horse if you have fallen down. Or when you want to change a habit. Like many rules, they are necessary at times. And like most rules, we have to remember about "the spirit of the law" that lies beyond all of these methods and practices.  What are you trying to achieve by following these methods? Are these methods effective? I don't mean efficient, I mean EFFECTIVE.


What's your TRUE creative goal?

Is that goal aligned with your most important values? Are you using methods out of belief, out of HABIT, or because they really work for you right now? Are your ROUTINES serving you? And how's your body responding to these methods? Do they feel NATURAL to you? Do they feel good? Flexible enough or have they become a bit stiff or stale? Do you still feel JOY and a sense of FREEDOM in your process? 

Do you get the results you want? How do you see when the methods you are using are obsolete? Or perhaps realize they were never for you to begin with? When do you know they've done their time?  or when you've had enough...

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Are you getting excited yet ???

Ready to splurge ?!

Ready to indulge for all the right reasons...? 

Ooooooh... YUMMY !!!

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You are
NOT on a
creative diet,
are you...?!


If you are anything like me, you LOVE learning and sharing creative tipstrickstechniques, and yes, also learn new methods and practices. It's so exiting and inspiring! Especially in the beginning.

And yet, in accompanying you on your journey, my biggest commitment to you is to make sure that YOU get clear on what it is you really WANT and NEED to fulfill your OWN inner-artist. I am here to empower you to take a conscious and active role in WHAT you want to learn, HOW, and WHY. For that. you must become aware every moment of the UNIQUENESS of your OWN  creative process. Some of your core creative needs will stay the same forever. But the methods you use to respond to these needs may have to change over time.

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